How do I secure my booking/placement?

Booking is secured by making a non-refundable $1,000.00 incl. GST deposit. By making this deposit it covers holding the placement, flights, transfers and administration.

What if I want other treatments?

You can order onsite.

What if I want a cabin to myself?

Absolutely, all our cabins are for one person.

How do I get there?

With most packages we fly you into Brisbane or Maroochydore airport, and then drive you to our door, from any capital city in the Australia.

Can I take my medication while I am there?

Of course you can.

I am on medication, and have been for a long time, I don’t think anything can fix me.

You are not broken. We teach you how to let go of the triggers which have caused you to feel this way. Rebuild your self-worth, then most importantly consolidate that change. Let me put it this way, it has become normal for you to act the way you do, we have to give you a new normal, then consolidate that change. We then prepare you for post retreat, then support you and your family when you go home.

YES you can feel wonderful again.

I have depression or anxiety or both, the medication just doesn’t work, why does this work?

At this point your brain only knows what it knows; therefore there can never be a different outcome. We train your brain to think differently, so you know how to handle stress and anxiety to have the best outcome.

My partner just won’t seek help, what do I do? It’s ruining my life?

Ask about interventions, Francis personally travels all over the country doing the interventions.

What is an intervention? And do they work?

An intervention is an orchestrated event to convince loved ones to seek professional help. Interventions are an effective way of getting through to people. It works.

My child is now a teenager, I am scared he or she is into drugs and alcohol, or he or she is despondent. I am worried they will self-harm or have self-harmed.

You need to find out about our youth programs as soon as possible.

How Many people are at the retreat at any one time?

Usually 6 to 14 people, we keep the number of people down so we can deliver the very best programs.

Why do I feel the way I do?

Currently your first response to stress is depression, anxiety, self–medication and eating disorders. Total Recovery program teaches you a new first response to stress, therefore giving you the tools to face life, fully equipped to meet the challenges ahead.

If you are serious about regaining your self-worth, the 29 Day Program is a must, the 15 Day Program is also a good start.

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