Meet Total Recovery Team

Meet all the kind, caring and understanding professional therapists, and staff here at Total Recovery. We have the most experienced staff in Australia, with many years of experience in the health industry and relevant modalities that you will need to make the shifts in your thinking, long term.

Apart from the fact that they are brilliant at what they do, it is fair to say they are all wonderful people who get great joy from the changes they see daily in the people who join us on retreat.


Total Recovery is happy to welcome Natalie Walsh  BSocSc (Psych) (Hons), Registered Psychologist


Carol is Total Recoverys General Manager, she joined us after being General Manager of many other educational programs throughout south east Queensland.

She has also worked extensively in many areas of national Mental healing and education, presenting submissions to the Senate Committee of mental health.

Carol operates a professional team, and quite frankly, both the clients and staff love her compassion and caring. She strives to always exceed people’s expectations.

Carol relishes conducting such a successful program with such experienced staff.

Salima is the Director of Therapies and our senior trainer.

She is a master in Inner Journey and celebrates her 20th year in natural healing this year. She is the Senior Life coach in the Fountainhead method in this Country.

She also collaborated with Greg Neville to put together the original method, which has proven to be a breakthrough in stopping depression and anxiety.

Also trained in Journey therapy and Mindfulness, coupled with her years dealing one on one with severe self medication, make Salima the fitting person to head this role.

Salima also assisted our General Manager Carol to put together the Palladium Private Program from scratch.

Diploma Counselling – Dip. CH
Clinical Hypnotherapy – C.Ht.
Applied Kinesiology – AK.Cert.
Mind Body Wisdom Coaching – Cert.
Emotional Freedom Technique – Cert. III
Faster EFT – Cert. III
PSYCH -K – Adv. Cert.
Journey Practitioner – Adv. Cert.

Carolita is originally from South America where dance is a natural way of expression in daily life. She brings the relaxed exuberance of Latin-American dance and music to small groups where self-expression and release can be experienced in a safe and non-judgmental way.

Individuals are taken on a journey through different traditional styles of dance where there is opportunity for each person to experience the unique movements of their own bodies in an atmosphere of self-acceptance.

There is time set aside during the class for gentle warm-up at the start and wind-down meditative time towards the end of the class to help integrate the body/mind/soul connection, with lots of fun and laughter in between.

Bec’s massage is an integration of the many modalites of bodywork she has trained in, giving you a thorough, deep, yet gentle releasing massage in the Hawaiian lomi lomi style.

Bec has over 20 years experience in the Natural Therapies field, with comprehensive training in:

  • Polynesian Healing Systems (Hawaiian Temple Style, Ancient Hawaiian Lomilomi, Ho’opono Pono Ke Ala, Spiritual Healing, Release Therapy, Body Awareness, Huna Philosophy, Ohana Massage)
  • Chiron Healing and Subtle Anatomy
  • Reiki
  • Psychosomatic Therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Vitaflex Aromatherapy

Our clients absolutely love Bec’s massages.

Gabby is one of our most valued Jillaroos. She is skilled in most areas of operations ensuring a wonderful stay at the retreat.

veronicaVeronica heads the scheduling department.  Making sure each and every client’s daily schedule runs seamlessly.

It is so important that a person’s program runs smoothly each and every day.

She is the finest at what she does.

We are so proud to have her heading Scheduling.

rebeccaRebecca Heads Client support for clients when they return home.

With many years of experience she is a brilliant source of support for former clients/

She also is a natural Therapist in stress management.

What a wonderful and effective team member.

IT Department Head

Tristan heads the IT team, making sure our IT is working at its optimum.

He has many years of experience in It Web design and service and customer liaison.

A brilliant IT Professional.